"I had always dreamt of building a house. Choosing the people you are to work with for 16 months – the length of our project, is enormously significant. I wanted the house to be “our house”. I wanted to be very involved in the decision making and I wanted it to be a fun, exciting and memorable journey. 

Cameron Builders under the leadership of Duane met all these expectations. It was an exciting time being with a team of young passionate people. Duane is an outstanding young man who possesses amazing creative talent. He is a great listener with an ability to always produce a solution or means to achieve a new idea and at the same time inspires a real element of trust. He is a perfectionist who demands very high standards from his men. His honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. 

I cannot recommend Duane highly enough. Clients are very lucky to secure Cameron builders for their project.  Duane is an outstanding young man who has an enormous number of qualities which enables him to be classified as an exceptional builder.
He has:

- Great leadership skills and a calm attitude for negotiation when required
- Perfectionist for detail
- Visionary and creative talents
- Extremely honest and strives for the best outcome for his client
- Strong communication skills and a keen sense of humour
- Excellent Listener

I am delighted to recommend Duane."

                                                        - Robin and Peta.

The energetic owners of this architecturally designed home were retiring to the coast from their rural property and wanted a home that was designed to fulfil every dream they had for a modern and innovative home, for the view and for the family. They had definite ideas on design involving much detailed craftsmanship throughout and many items that they wanted to incorporate into the home. The home has 22 different angles, some exterior angles rating 5 degrees, floors spanning 9 metres and it is constructed tight to all four boundaries – very challenging in many ways and a hugely rewarding project. The finished product is a very personal and creative series of spaces that reflect the way the clients live and the things that they love. A truly authentic home.