"Building a truly beautiful new home requires the identification and pulling together of a multidisciplinary team of architects, draughtspeople, engineers, builders, tradespeople, designers and landscape architects who can, together with the client, share and develop a common vision.  Once the team is identified the key to success is having a strong leader who can coordinate and manage the wide range of activities involved.  We found Duane Cameron to be that person.

When we returned from over ten years overseas to build our dream home (retirement project) on the beach at Waikanae we spent twelve months selecting an architect and planning. Then, together with our chosen architect and draughtsman, we “interviewed” potential builders carefully chosen through references from friends who had recently built. There was an instant chemistry between all parties when we met with Duane – each immediately feeding ideas off the other.  We knew we had found our “man”.  Not only was he right for us he also was also competitive with his pricing – a real win-win.  

During the 16 month build we found Duane and his wonderful Cameron Builders team to be highly professional.  They were true craftsmen whose attention to detail and perfection was paramount in everything they did.  “Good enough” certainly wasn't a phrase heard on the site. Throughout the job Duane constantly looked for improvements in design and construction, employing his local knowledge of building “on the beach”. Nothing was impossible – even major last minute changes by the “Client”at a critical stage of the development, requiring re-engineering and re-permitting!!! Duane worked with the architects, engineers and planners providing them with innovative solutions.  

Duane assembled a team of top sub-contractors and demanded the same degree of excellence from them that he demanded from himself and his Cameron Builders team. His project management skills ensured the right people were in the right place doing the right things at the right time.

A real measure of the success of the project was that it was fun!! Duane is a very personable professional who listens, provides sound advice and comes up with practicable solutions. He is a man of integrity, respected by his team and those that work with him. He and his entire Cameron Builders team were a delight to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending them to prospective new clients.

The proof  is the beautiful home we have today!!"


— Graeme & Libby

The absolute beachfront section with breath taking views of Kapiti was the ideal setting to build this generously proportioned home. The exterior of the home has a huge amount of detail and is clad entirely with cedar and cedar battens (over 9km of cedar was used in total). Designed with entertaining and family in mind with a strong beachy, casual vibe this home is simply stunning in regards to both quality and styling. The many and varied entertaining zones, both inside and out give this home flow and make it the true family gathering point that its owners had hoped for.