Cameron Builders will far exceed your expectations in a builder, we can promise you that. Choosing a builder is choosing who you will work with for an extended period of time – it is super important to make the right choice.

Duane and Fenella Cameron have owned & operated Waikanae based Cameron Builders since 2008. Their business is mainly residential building with some light commercial. Their portfolio consists of everything from home renovations to challenging, sizeable architecturally designed new builds. 

Duane has been in the building industry for 23 years, having learnt the trade from his father who passed on his passion for keeping ahead of industry trends, while never compromising on quality of product and the finishing touches.

Duane offers the perfect package of old school attention to detail, up to date industry knowledge and absolute love for what he does – creating a home that is exactly as the client wishes, using the smartest and best solutions available to them.

Fenella has a passion for creating an authentic home, both inside and out and can help clients with colour, product, furniture and furnishing selection from the outset to ensure their home is a true reflection of what they love and how they live.

What kind of service we want to provide

Above code – building to council code is no huge achievement in this country (it is sad but true!). We will insulate and glaze well above code so that your new home has optimum performance.

Energy efficient – we are able to incorporate best practise energy efficient building techniques so that heat generated within the home, stays in the home (alleviating the need for a lot of heating and the associated costs). We can confidently incorporate solar panels into your home design so that you generate power which helps limit your energy costs. It’s about making smart choices.

Quality – we use high quality materials and we will not compromise if we do not know the track record of the product. We have a reputation to protect and expect our homes to age well.

Certified – Cameron Builders are members of Certified Builders and can offer a range of standardised plans for clients wanting that type of home design solution.

Skilled – our builders are trade qualified, licensed and highly skilled and we have strong well established relationships with all of our suppliers and sub-contractors. This is how we continue to deliver on our promises.